Math test

As you may have guessed by the subject line, I had a… I won’t even finish. It was scarily easy, as though the teacher were mocking us or something. Victoria got a migraine right as the test started. As she describes it, she gets a blind spot right at her focus point (so she can see everything except what she’s looking at; hard to imagine), and her arm goes numb, and sometimes her mouth goe numb, which I imagn wou may ih had to ta.

At the moment, I’m working on my vision of artificial life in VC++ (I’m beginning to like it, though still not nearly as much as Vim). For those of you unfamiliar with said vision, I mean everybody, here’s the idea:

It’s based around an event-driven neural network. Stimuli come in and make certain sensory neurons fire, and muscular neurons fire to make the lifeform actually do things. And of course this is in a much more simplistic way than the way humans work, but it’s the same idea. The lifeform will randomly alter the connections between the sensory neurons and the muscular neurons, eventually coming up with a sophisticated structure that I didn’t program in. Eating, sleeping, etc. feel good and thus strengthen resonant synapses, and being attacked, starving, etc. feel bad and weaken them.


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