Last night Victoria and I got together and ate dinner at her parents’ house. That was cool: good food, interesting people for the most part.

Afterward, we went back to her apartment and hung out awhile, until we went to her friend’s house to watch south park. Er, I missed something. They got stoned before we left (I tried not to, and I sortof succeeded). She’s boring when she’s stoned. Funny that this happened, as every other stoner I know is really boring when they’re stoned, too. Huh. The only times it was ever fun were the first three or four, before people were doing it regularly.

So yeah, I don’t like pot. I don’t like what it does to other people, and I only vaguely like what it does to me, but the bad outweighs the good there. So I’m not smoking anymore (that really doesn’t decrease my frequency by very much :-) and I’ll not hang out with those who are when I can help it. No big deal, just removing myself from the culture.


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