The Planar Gaming ToolKit. It’s something that I’m putting together so that Namaste and I don’t have to write tons of code just to get a stupid Pac-Man game working. I’m hoping to get it complete enough so that both our Pac-Man and our Frogger projects can be under 300 lines of code. Yeah, it’s ambitious, but those games really don’t exhibit complex behavior, so the code driving them should be simple.

Mark (a fellow with whom Namaste and I are working on an action-strategy game, hopefully for Microsoft’s money) called, asking if we had found our third coder for the project. He was very disappointed when he found out we hadn’t. If either of you two readers know anybody interested, goddamnit tell me about them!

Finally, my boss got back in town, which means I have to start working on that godforsaken conjoint tool again. There’s another project that takes way more code than it really should. It doesn’t even do very much. It’s probably just because it’s CGI. This time around I get to work with Perl/Tk (best GUI toolkit in the world!) and come up with some data visualization techniques.


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