Financial manifestation

I just realized something. I do hardly any work, yet I manage to have enough money to eat, pay the internet bill, take my girlfriend out for sushi, etc. Basically enough to have fun without worrying too much.

And you know what? If I had to pay rent and heat/electricity, I think I could do that, too. (But why disadvantage yourself by letting other people know this, hmm?)

I don’t know what it is, to be honest. My grandmother gave me $10,000 for college, my mom seems eager to owe me money, but that’s sortof expected (but extremely kind notwithstanding, and I’m grateful). But then Sharon L. Reddy decides to give me $200 to write her 10 tracks of music, and then vanishes off the face of the earth before I’ve had time to deliver the second one. O’Reilly & Associates asks me to review a Perl 6 book, which I would have gladly done for free, and wants to pay me $300 to do it. My boss gives me a $3,000+ car for effectively $1,000.

Anyway, I’m expressing my thanks to all these people (and all the people I didn’t mention here, but who have done similar things), and that I’m really enjoying this!

Maybe I won a poker game against God or something….


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