Learning Binge

So I’m learning stuff like a madman again. Spent a few hours last night reading about gaussian curvature1 in my differential geometry book and on
Mathworld. Plus, I’m learning Verilog and Oz. (I get the impression learning Verliog is going to be something like learning Lisp: very different from anything I’ve ever done).

On a different note, I get Victoria all to myself tonight, for a long time (this is the night she stays up until morning to switch about her schedule). Yay.

1Gaussian Curvature is an intrinsic measure of curvature on a [hyper-]surface. That is, a two-dimensional being living on a curved surface could find out its curvature without ever knowing the existance of 3-space.

This is precisely what general relativity is. It says that our space-time might be “embedded” in a 5-dimensional world, but that doesn’t matter, because we can figure out the curvature from here. And this curvature is precisely what causes gravity.

I’ll write a WTHI on general relativity once I understand this stuff better. Stay tuned!


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