Perl 6 unfolds

So now I don’t have a relationship. But thanks to Victoria, I realized I like blogging. So I presume this is going to turn in to much more a technical blog. Which means I can start attracting my buds from the Perl community who aren’t terribly interested in my personal life.

The more I think about Perl 6’s philosophy, the more I realize how much of a damn genious Larry is. I was reading Kim’s blog about LL3 and thinking maybe the future of programming languages isn’t one (or a few) good general purpose language, but instead many domain-specific languages suited to the task at hand. That’s kind of the way things are going. But there still needs to be a language (currently C) in which those little languages are coded.

Then I thought about Perl 6. I was worried at the beginning because Larry was making the syntax so mutable that the language would become unmaintainable1. Nobody could understand what was going on in anybody else’s code. But now I realize that he’s integrating domain-specific understanding into the very syntax of Perl. Thus, Perl is much like English (or any other natural language): there’s a standard syntax and grammar by which we adhere, but then domain-speak becomes more specialized: new vocabulary is introduced, idioms are created, shorthand is made (for instance, TLA’s).

It comes from the idea, I think, that there will be more and more programmers as computers become more and more pervasive. And the fact that a physicist shouldn’t be maintaining a linguist’s code.

I’m really happy to be a part of this project. It’ll go places.

1 I maintain that Perl is not unmaintainable, just that a vast majority of Perl programmers write unmaintainable code. As Larry says, Perl gives you enough rope to hang yourself with, and a lot of people do.


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