Puck fighter

I’m working away on Puck Fighter, the contest entry for the next gamedev meeting. I’m done implementing the camera motion, collisions between pucks, and ropes. I usually suck at all physics, including computer-simulated physics, but I have to say, this looks awesome. I guess I just got lucky with this stuff — not a bug in sight (yet).

Here’s the idea: Each player is an air hockey puck with arms (arms yet to be implemented, but should look very animated and characterful :-). For controls you can accelerate yourself around, which is hard to do, because it’s an air hockey table. But you also have rope that you can shoot out and attach to things to help you turn (or tie other players up with, or whatever).

Each player has a clock, and there’s a time crystal which is randomly positioned on the board. A player can go pick up the crystal to freeze his clock, and may keep it as long as he doesn’t get whacked by another player, in which case the crystal flys out at some random direction. When a player runs out of time, he loses a life.

There may also be reactors, which, if you have the crystal and move on top of one, you lose the crystal and it does something beneficial to the times. Like, if the reactor is yours, it adds time to your clock, and if it’s someone else’s, it subtracts time from their clock. The crystal is randomly repositioned on the board.

Yeah, just like Blast Chamber, if you’ve ever played it. But instead of people moving around and pushing each other, it’s air hockey pucks flying around and grappling each other. Should turn out to be more fun than the original :-)

Ghod I love OpenGL.

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