Programming, Beethoven, and Shostakovich

Damn you Shostakovich! I’m not supposed to like your music! (Piano Concerto no. 2) He’s slowly growing on me, might have to have him removed. I listen to his music because I find myself needing relief of the intensity of Beethoven and Rachmaninoff more and more these days.

Speaking of whom, on 90.1 they played a “brand new” recording of Beethoven’s 9th. You know, I don’t really like that one. It’s, as I said, intense, and it doesn’t change enough to keep my interest. I find myself fading off, and just being bombarded by intensity. Not to say anything about Beethoven’s music in general, which I usually love.

To make it harder to comment (nobody does, anyway), I’m going to cram something completely unrelated in here. I’m continuing the Puck Fighter project (link to a VS.NET project), making this about the longest-lived project I’ve ever started, save for write2. That’s sad.

But it’s coming along nicely. The physics are solid, and it’s a good API. I’ve had to participate in reductionism quite a bit on this one, ingraining into my believes, in addition to my thoughts, that you don’t get it Right the first time. And it can still turn out right in the end, without being perfectly designed. Good for you, Luke, thinking like a modern programmer now.

I fear that this program might actually become large enough to blow my brain cache, which will be another new thing that I’ll get to work through. Cool.


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