I just remapped my keyboard. I figure, I do so much programming, I should start making it a bit more efficient (and harder to adapt to others’ programming environments to boot). All I did this time was switch the dash and underscore keystrokes. In the programming languages I use, underscores tend to appear a lot more often than dashes, so this makes sense. It will take a little getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll like it once it grinds itself in.

The program I used to do this was
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. I like it. Plus, it requires that you’re not allowed to sell your keyboard layouts — that they must be free. Go them.


1 thought on “MSKLC

  1. How do you export a keyboard layout to other computers?
    The “Build DLL and setup package” works fine on the computer it was created on, but I did not find in the manual how to pass the layout to other computers.

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