Return of the King

I saw the 12:01 Return of The King last night. This was after watching the extended versions of the first two movies throughout the week. It was pretty good.

There was this overall sinister feel to it, even after it was All Over. And tension, massive tension, “claw your own skin” tension. I haven’t read the books (yet), so that made the movies significantly better (Namaste has read the books, and he was at a loss for feeling everything I did, because he knew everything that was going to happen).

My complaint is that it got very cliché by the end. A classic shockwave follows a standard explosion. I was remembering The Wall, right after The Trial, the sound of the wall crashing down. I wanted the end to be like that, but it wasn’t. It had to be all glorious and instant-climax like the rest of Hollywood.

But it was good. Definitely see it in the theaters.


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