I went to a yoga meditation today. One word: Ow. Pain in the muscles. But I’m definitely going back. My body doesn’t get much physical exercise outside my fingers (which may be the strongest fingers in the world :-p), and although painful, it felt so good. It also made me realize how utterly out of my control my body is.

Bearing weight is supposed to be good for bone mass, which you start losing when you’re 25. So I ought start bearing some weight before I turn 25 and my bones realize they didn’t have any mass in the first place…

And I don’t think my eventual geek-loving lover would mind so much if I had a muscle here or there. Or Karlin, for that matter, who’s BACK IN TOWN AS OF TONIGHT. I am so happy! (For the unaware but misplacedly interested, she was my girlfriend for two and a half years, and we get along fantastically. Forget whomsoever I might be with at the moment, we’ll still cuddle and have a brilliant connection. The fact that I’m not with anybody at the moment only brightens the situation :-)

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