Mac OS X: The present

I’ve been using my mom’s shiny new PowerBook G4 while she’s in Peru. I’m to the point where I’m making the computer my own (well, she still has her account; I hope my changes don’t affect it too much) and I’ve realized something. I kind of knew it all along, but not to this degree. Microsoft, you are waaay behind! And unless Microsoft pulls some wicked moves (they will), they are going to fall behind in the market.

I love Aqua, Cocoa is fantastic (Objective-C in general rocks), and I think I’m permanently in love with Exposé. Not only that, but the software support ain’t so bad anymore either, neglecting games. Hey, I’ll be sure to fix that!

I can run X11, and thus my favorite Linux apps (GIMP, Armegatron, Enigma). I have virtual desktops, perhaps the greatest thing UI-wise to come out of open source. I can still hack on Parrot. This little teeny computer still has a pretty sweet graphics card (certainly better than my Windows box), so I can write nice-looking games.

In summary, um, well you don’t need me to say it. How can I put it most eloquently, so that you’ll remember…?



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