OSCON Presentations

I just submitted my OSCON presentation proposals. For the ignorant, OSCON is the O’Reilly Open Source Conference, where the big Perl conference is held. It costs upwards of $1000 to get in, and I have thus never been before. But! if you do a talk, they waive your entrance fee. I’ll be submitting these talks to YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) once the submission form comes up, though the $80 entrance fee isn’t much to be waived (go YAPC!).

The first one is entitled “A Language For Games,” and in it I will be presenting GLIC (which is coming along nicely, by the way). I’ll write some simple “game scripts,” probably Sokoban or Pac-Man, to introduce people to the language. Then I’ll discuss the more advanced concepts. That’ll be cool, though I’m not sure if it will be accepted.

The other I’m quite sure will be accepted. It’s called “Compiler Writing with Perl,” and in it I discuss all the modules, machinery, etc. necessary to write a compiler with Perl. And I’ll be talking about Parrot as a target language, so I get to present something related to Perl 6, which the community should enjoy.

In related news, Synopsis 3 is almost done, and should be going on perl.com soon. My first published Perl 6 document!


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