Hablar Publico

Ack! Speech 101 was terrible today. I mean, it was fun, as usual, but I forgot that I was supposed to prepare a presentation. So I got up there and winged it, and as expected, stated my thoughts in a coherent, intelligent manner.

No, just kidding. I naturally fumbled around, made it blatantly obvious that I didn’t prepare, and said “um” (the word of the day not to say) more than anybody else in the class! Next time I guess I’ll prepare.

Hopefully my GameDev presentation tomorrow goes more smoothly, providing I have something to present.


One thought on “Hablar Publico

  1. Some times we are not prepared for somethings. In some cases we don’t know what we are going to face, and others we just forget like you my friend… But in the best of the cases things go on in a manner even better than prepared.
    Thanks a lot! The information in your blog is really valuable… :D

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