It seems I have an Ego problem. Yesterday I joined Orkut, and I’ve heard that it works something like Ego helium. But it was just what I needed to realize how large my head already was. Now I wonder how long it’s gone on, and how long it’s been noticeable to observant others.

There’s a major problem with it, too. I can’t get any composition done because I’m too busy listening to what I’ve written over and over and telling myself how brilliant it is. Something like when a game becomes playable so that the developers waste all their time playing it, even when it’s not very good yet. Not to mention that my written work becomes so perfect that I have no desire to correct it1.

I’m hoping writing about it will help smother it. Perhaps I should go on another learning binge; that’s usually enough to humble me at least a little.

1Except the Perl 6 Synopsis 3. I’m entirely unhappy with how that’s turning out. Thankfully, Damian is there to fix the abrupt, casual wording and unclear details.


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