2 for 4

Well, I’m 2 for 4 on 10 player tournaments online1, which amounts to $30 up (well, minus all the money I lose playing tables :-). In the tournament I won today, I encountered the best player I’ve ever had to face in a $5 buy-in game.

By the time it was just the two of us, I had 6000 and he 4000, or so. The resulting heads-up match lasted over an hour. I was the bully through most of the game, and I continued to play that role for the first part of the face off. Quite naturally he tightened up and whaled on me once for 3000, putting us at 4000 and 6000. We traded positions a few times.

The reason I had trouble beating him is because he was so versatile. If I played the bully, he would play his good hands and just call me to the river and take the money. When I figured this out and stopped betting when he called, he would start pushing me around. The way I finally beat him was waiting for a good preflop hand and forcing a huge decision on him right then. Eventually he took it, and was outdrawn.

However, I found much more satisfaction in beating him than I would have just pushing over one of the usual tight-passive players.

That’s an interesting point about this poker site. Most of the people who play in tournaments and get anywhere are tight passive, while the people that play at the tables are much looser. I’ve learned not to bluff at the no limit table players, because there’s always someone who will call. But the tournament players will usually just give me their blinds at the blink of an eye.

Oh yeah, and I’m not playing limit anymore. It’s no fun compared to the depth of no limit… well at least at the limits I can afford.

1 The name of the site has been removed because they blog-spammed me.


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