Just did my Low Limit Texas Hold’em speech in speech 101 today. I thought I did pretty well, but the evaluators didn’t. Out of the three evaluators, 30 graded points, I got only two fives (scale of 1 to 5). Nuts.

I gave everybody at least a couple fives, because there were things that each person did really well. But sometimes people are afraid to give “perfect” scores. I did get a lot of fours.

I agree with what they were saying. It was a 7 minute speech, and there were 15 or more minutes worth of content, which I think was my greatest flaw. One person noticed that. I had to hurry a little, and I couldn’t define (and redefine) my terms very well because of the 7 minute maximum.

On the other hand, it came across really well to the couple of people who had experience with Poker. I even recruited a fellow (Clif) to our poker night. He plays $100 buy-in tournaments once a month, so I wonder whether he’s better than us. He probably is. That’ll be good. If not, even better, because he obviously carries cash. :-)


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