Poker Crap

I got my first long run of really bad cards today. Indeed, I’ve before had a run of cards that induce bad beats, but today I played two tournaments and got a total of two (2) hands (of probably around 200) worth calling by low limit standards. If I did get a high card, it was always accompanied by a low offsuit kicker. The first good hand was JJ, in which I put out a little bet pre flop and people folded all the way around. Oh boy, I stole the blinds. Again. The second was KQoff, with which I went all in pre flop against AJoff. He flopped an ace without even a patronizing king, and the rest of the hand was low crap. He won, I was out of the tournament.

I went from an encouraging $25, rebuilding my bank from my deposit of $40, to a pathetic $6.25. So I’ve stopped for the day, declaring it a drab piece of shit, and hoping that another day I’ll play a $5.00 tournament and win (I win those pretty often, actually). Ugh. That sucked.


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