The Incredible Machine

I am in the midst of coding the physics engine for the The Incredible Machine clone that Namaste and I are working on. His final project in a CS class is an educational game, and we thought that TIM would be a great candidate for that!

Sierra recently released The Incredible Machine: Contraptions, with “improved graphics and sounds.” I was expecting an all-around better game, but it seems that they just remade TIM2, put in some anti-aliased graphics (which just look blurry), and added sounds for just about all of the widgets: very annoying.

There’s no point in doing the same thing they did. TIM was a great game, and it need not be remade. We’re taking it in a new direction. I believe that simply adding more versatile physics will take the gameplay to another level. For instance, boards can be rested on walls so that if the walls are blown up or moved, the board will fall. Things can have rotational motion (it’s quite amazing how far TIM went without this essential physical phenomenon). You might be able to attach ropes to many more things1.

I think TIM has a lot of potential for growth. There are a lot of ways to play with it and see what happens. But the first step is the physics engine, so, back to work.

1I’m still thinking about that one. I could do it with the engine, but would it kill the gameplay in the presence of ropes? Perhaps a new widget is needed: a rope attacher. That’s the thing that could be attached to many things, and the ropes themselves could only be attached to an attacher.


2 thoughts on “The Incredible Machine

  1. this is as far as we got. We were going to continue after the class was over, but of course we didn’t. It’s not really a game, but it was a decently interesting physics simulation.

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