Shiny New Chips

Back on Wednesday, our car was broken into while my mom was on a hike. We lost approximately $500 worth of stuff, $50 of which included my Poker chips for Friday night Poker with my friends. But my school had recently paid me $475 extra in financial aid for books and such, and I only spent $100 on books. And we’re hoping that our insurance will pay the $500 we lost.

Here I am with $375 and no Poker chips (no expensive car stereo either, but I can live for a little while without that… I think). I head down to It’s Your Move, the local games store, and pick up a brand new set of 500 chips for $100. Five colors, which is better than the three I had before (1, 5, 25). We’re thinking of making them (1, 5, 10, 25, 100). Now maybe we can start a tournament with 1,000 instead of 100 chips, and start the blinds at 5/10. Then betting a tenth of our stack doesn’t sound like a wimpy “10”, but instead a powerful “100”. It makes no difference technically, but I think it will significantly tighten up our playing style.

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