Poker Winnings

I won two of the four tournaments tonight at the poker club (I guess it’s a club now). A $1 and a $5 (while losing a $1 and a $5). That puts me, let’s see, $18 up. Both times I went heads up with Drew, formerly the only one who could play me without luck (that is, I consider Namaste, Metz, and Clif to be about on my level—though with vastly differing styles).

Drew plays looser than I do, when I’m in the right state of mind. Not much looser though. He bluffs me out a lot pre-flop, and occasionally when I’ve made it clear through my tells that I’ll fold. But he won’t bluff me out of the bigger hands. On the other hand, he seems quite ready to give me the pot when I go over the top.

He’s a very smart player though. I suspect next week he’ll have a new surprise for me that I’ll have to figure out to win. For instance, he’ll take his reads on me to another level (that’s what he’s got on me: he can read me much better than I can read him, but I killed him mostly with complex mechanics).

On a related note, I accepted a $50 buy-in tournament that Namaste told me about. The host expects 16 people, probably amounting to a $400 payoff for first. In order to win this, I’m going to have to step back and concentrate on my strengths: pure tight agressive play with the occasional well placed bluff (that could be advertizing: I’m good at advertizing). If I start bluffing too much, say, 5 times per tournament :-), I lose because I’m an aggressive bluffer. I should play online and work on winning every sit-and-go tournament I play.


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