Well I have Hepatitis. Yeah, ouch. It’s Hepatitis A, the nice one, but it’s still no walk in the park. My mom gave it to me; she picked it up from Peru somewhere. I’m most contagious …… now! But people around me probably don’t have to worry, because I wash my hands often and I don’t prepare food.

On a related note, I’m hosting Poker tomorrow because Drew can’t. And if they beat me, well, I hear Hepatitis is going around :-).

I get the impression it won’t be that bad. I just noticed my urine getting a little orange a day or two ago, and I’ve started taking really good care of my liver now. Just eating salad, eggs, asparagus, etc. Plus, before I was born, I purchaced the best immune system money could buy, so I imagine I’ll fight this off relatively quickly.


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