Outfitting and Poker

That $50 buy-in poker tournament I was talking about happens tomorrow. First place gets $600 and a shiny case of 1500 poker chips (so I’m told). We start with 650 chips and blinds start at 5/10. Blinds go up every time four people go out of the tournament, but I’m hoping to negotiate a fixed-time round scheme, 30 or 45 minutes.

I’m working on my bluffing, and in order to do that, I’ve got to get respect at the table. So, I went out and spent $30 on a sharp corduroy outfit with a baret that I can use to hide my eyes. If I think I really need to throw them off, I have a chinese bamboo hat (can’t seem to find what these are called) which hides my whole face, and better yet, looks really weird.

My plan is to essentially sit out the first two rounds of the button and figure out what I’m up against. I’m hoping it’s the usual low-stakes assortment: the calling-stations, the pushovers, and the over-agressors. I’ll have to watch for good players, because the way I play them is very different from how I play the other types. It seems that we have plenty of time, so I can play tight and I won’t have to gamble a lot. I hope I can just sit back and go trapping, but that depends on how tight the competition is.

This is much bigger money than what I’ve ever played before, so it should be a good experience anyhow.


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