GLICing the night away

GLIC has been stagnant for two months, weighing in at 2000 lines of Perl, with at least 4000 lines to go. It’s taken me these two months for the dust to settle, and for me to get hit by the cold, relieving sledgehammer of reality.

Why a new language? There’s already a language that I love to program in, has been subject to years of debugging, has support up the wazoo, and I’m trying to program a new language. Perl—Perl 5—is what I want.

So, change of direction. GLIC is going to be a set of modules for Perl that make explicit the idioms of game programming. There are a lot of low level modules out there: OpenGL, SDL, ODE (that I’ll write soon), but none of them brings everything together to make a game development framework. That is what GLIC is.

And what of my OSCON presentation, expecting a new language? I don’t know, I hope it will go over well. I think I can wow them with the 30 line Pac Man, and then they won’t care that it’s a familiar language.

Oh, and I definitely need a new name. GLIC is becoming so legacy that none of it makes sense anymore. Ideas?


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