Andy Dick

I’ve just made a Poker enemy. His name is Andy, and I first met him at his $50 buy-in tournament. He said that he doesn’t want to play with me anymore. This is usually a good sign for a Poker player.

He’s a gambler. He calls everything, supposing he has anything at all. He takes pride in his accurate-about-half-the-time reads. He’s very agressive psychologically: he rips me to shreds any time he gets the chance, and Namaste says he does the same to him, when I’m not around :-). It seems like he’s steaming before he even gets started.

It is my duty as a solid Poker player to take money from people like him. If it were online, or at a casino, I’d be more than happy to take his $70 (the amount he lost tonight) and send him home crying. But the point of my home game is not to make money. The point of my home game is to have a fun night with my friends, learn something about cards, and hopefully make a few bucks while I’m at it. So in that respect, I’m disappointed that Andy doesn’t want to play with me anymore.

I honestly don’t know what his problem with me is. We have disagreements about how the game should be played. He’s for a max buy-in about 25-50 times the big blind. I’m for no max buy in, or if so, at least 100 times the big blind. It seemed like every decision I made about how to play the game he disagreed with. And even things that are standard practice he took me up on. I think we just have a general clash of personality.

Anyway, he did make the game more stressful, and not very much fun, so it’s partially good that he’s not coming back. In other news, I don’t think we’ll be doing a ring game anymore: the losers lost waay too much, and it wasn’t as exciting (no heads up at the end, all-in draws for the whole pot, etc.). We’ll go back to a couple of tournaments per night next week.


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