Glop progress

GLIP is now called Glop (Game Language Of Perl). Wait and see what next week’s name will be!

I’m pulling together the work force. I created a public mailing list so I can communicate to everyone I’ve tentatively “recruited” so far. These include the IPC crew, a guy from the GameDev group, and my friend Drew. If you’re not one of these people and you read my blog (I really have no idea how many people do, but I’ve recently been finding out that it’s more than I thought), consider helping out. There are a lot of areas that could use work.

The Perl ODE module is almost done, which was the first piece. Modules for SDL and OpenGL already exist, though I’m not sure if they compile on Windows. There’s a task for the interested already.

After I find/make a 2D collision detector, the fun part begins. Glop the language can start taking shape. We start finding abstractions that are ubiquitous in games and factor them out into generic modules under the Glop:: namespace. We create a model for interaction events1. Then we start creating simple games, and finding things in common that can be factored out in a generic way. And the process continues.

I’ve recently discovered PAR, which handily does the all the distribution stuff I was wanting.

The ideas are taking shape, lining up to get some code on the page. I’m excited.

1I’ve been thinking about using POE, but I don’t know anything about it—there’s another job!


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