Auf Wiedersehen, C(?:\+\+)?

I just got SDL_perl working. And you know what that means… C++: so long and good riddance. I shall now be doing my graphical programming in Perl.

I will, of course, still need to tolerate that vile language until the completion of Glop. After that, it will be used as a kind of “assembly”, which I’ll use to streamline the computationally intensive portions of my games when they start suffering, and for that purpose I don’t mind it one bit.

SDL_perl was a pain in the ass to get working on both Mac and Windows. For Mac, I ended up getting the full blown SDL+Perl framework distribution, which still didn’t compile. I had to fish through the source and change all occurances of #include <sdl.h> to #include <SDL/sdl.h>, and likewise with OpenGL. A semi-pain.

On Windows, I learned how to use ppm which comes with the ActiveState distro (my, how that works better than perl -MCPAN -eshell), and then hunted for a working SDL_Perl and OpenGL ppm. Worse yet, SDL::OpenGL doesn’t seem to work; I have to use the older and dirtier And even worse, it doesn’t even break, it just decides not to export (or contain for that matter) any functions. What a pain.

One of Glop’s goals is to make it dead simple to install. I now see how ambitious a goal that is.

Oh, yes, and I’d love to have provided links to all these things, since they were kind of hard to find, but Comcrap’s DNS seems to be broken for the moment. I’ll scan through and fill them in when it comes back.


2 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, C(?:\+\+)?

  1. I didn’t. I had to use

    Hmm, and I guess that would keep Glop from working on Windows, wouldn’t it? I think SDL-Perl needs to set up cvs and get more than one developer working on it. I submitted a patch that gets the glGet functions working for arrays about a year ago, and he said he’d “put it in after the other thousand patches in the queue”. It hasn’t gone in yet.

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