Roller-coaster letter

I got the deciding letter confirming or denying my acceptance to the University of Colorado today. The first paragraph is classic: an emotional roller-coaster ride. I’ll just paste it in for you:

I am pleased to acknowledge your interest in attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. After careful review of your application, we are unable to offer you admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science [awww…]. However, in light of your past academic performance, I would like to offer you admission to the College of Arts and Sciences [wait—what? I’m.. wait.. what? Let me, um, I’m, um, accepted, er…?] I do hope that you will accept our offer of admission to this college and choose to attend CU-Boudler. [Er, okay, cool.]

So that makes me happy, if confused (you should have seen the other documents included; they’re even more ambiguous). I figure I can enter the A&S college and switch over to CS from there… If I want to.

My original plan was to major in computer science and fly through it, so I can get into CMU for grad school and learn something from the masters (no pun intended). But after my slackerly and bored performance in “Advanced” Java at front range, I’m not sure “flying though” would be the best option for me. I need something that interests me, at least a little. CS is a lot of work, and I’m not the type of person to put up with a lot of work when I’m bored.

So perhaps I’ll go back to my plan B, which was the interesting as opposed to strategic one. I could major in mathematics with a minor in theory and composition. Or double major in those. Or do one of those and minor in linguistics. Considering all this, I’ll probably wait until my second year to declare my major/minor—there’s just too much damn stuff I’m interested in.

But yay, I was accepted. This was by no means expected, but not to say entirely unexpected.


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