Et similia

I just watched Castle in The Sky, only the second Mayazaki film I’ve seen. The storyline was very Final Fantasyesque, and the music was top notch (to be expected from Hisaishi). The movie itself would have been excellent, once you get past of the blantancies of anime, if it weren’t for the all-around happy ending. The climax was bittersweet, and I don’t know why he had to turn it around and make it Hollywood happy. But it’s a great movie nonetheless, if you’re in to anime epics.

My Glop talk isn’t coming along as quickly as I’d like it to. I have the main points outlined, but none of the details are there yet, and I ought to really get cranking if I want a chance to practice before I speak. Glop itself is pretty neat so far, though. I feel like I’m back in the days of QBasic’s “what if I…” graphical programming, except it’s a lot faster.

Oh, and I’m now officially on the Perl 6 design team. I’m proud, though I’m not sure this changes anything. I didn’t get selected as pumpking, but that’s okay—more time for school (I was worried about that).

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