Feliz cumpleaños a mí

Today is Luke’s birthday, birthday, birthday, today is Luke’s birthday LET’S COUNT THE YEARS AWAY:

    0  1  2  11   4  5  110
    7  8  1001  12  b  1100
    15  e  1111 20  11  10010

(How old is he?) (I don’t know, his sequence is all weird.) (Oh, and he’s using a zero-base, too.)


2 thoughts on “Feliz cumpleaños a mí

  1. Okay,
    23 years old. I guess.(ya, brother: older than me even 1 year old)
    I sent to you a couple of my new song as my present for your birthday.(I’ve just finished today and yesterday)
    Happy birthday!, Luke
    Now I am also going to upload them to Laura.

  2. Thank very much for your making of link to my page.
    I will give you some math’s problems that I have in my experience.
    Have fun with maths.
    I still have not finished the piece “intents” , you may continue it smoothly.
    Generally your pieces was perfectly though “unfinished”. You should give me “in progress” much more recent.
    Keep healthy !
    take care,

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