Linux Ho!

A week ago I got my computer in the mail. This is the first computer I’ve built, and it went rather well. There were some troubles here and there, but it worked the first time I turned it on, which came to my surprise. I installed windows after unsuccessfully trying to install Gentoo (it could see neither my nForce ethernet nor my SATA hard drive.. the latter making it rather hard to install an operating system). Anyway, Windows is working well (yes, you heard me correctly). And today, I installed Fedora Core 2 for x86_64.

Having not dealt with Linux in years, I am both impressed an irritated. The GUI portion of Linux has come a long way since I last saw it. However, it’s still a pain to install. While I was installing, my temporary /dev was gradually corrupting itself. There was an error in the installer right at the end, probably the worst place for it to be, right after everything was copied but before anything was configured. I know better than to try to configure it myself. I eventually fixed it by—ready for this?—right before it finished I went out into a terminal and typed:

    # cd /dev
    # rm null
    # touch /null
    # ln -s /null

Hurts, doesn’t it? And then the installer was capable of opening /dev/null for writing, and all was well. Much more interestingly, when it was all done, /null was an empty file. So it just opened it and closed it again.

Anyway, ATI doesn’t have drivers for the Radeon 9800 for the 64 bit kernel, so I’m downloading Fedora 32 bit so I can have my 3D graphics back. Nuts. I go to all the trouble of getting a 64 bit processor, and I can’t even run my kernel 64 bit.


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