More Firefox Power Stuff

Okay, since I’ve officially switched from Opera to Firefox as my preferred browser, I’ve started looking into how to make Firefox cooler. And I’ve mostly succeeded.

First, I installed the All-In-One Gestures extension. That does all the stuff that the buttons at the top of the screen do, so I got rid of those.

I also liked how Mozilla would do a google search on anything I typed in the address bar, but was always annoyed that I had to go push the “Search” button instead of pushing enter. So, after some digging around in my /usr/lib/firefox, I found the configuration option to do it. So to make it do a google search on anything that doesn’t look like an address, go into your config directory (~/.mozilla/firefox/default.mdz) and edit user.js (which may not exist). Put this line in:

    user_pref("keyword.URL", "");

Now I don’t need the google search bar, so that’s gone too. And now I just have an address bar at the top of my screen. Pretty slick. I haven’t found a way to compress those darn menus yet, though. It might be somewhere in about:config (totally cool if you want to mess with things), but I don’t see anything.

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