Manifestation Cards

I just put up my manifestation cards for this year. I did this for the first time last year on my birthday, and they’ve been wonderful. I’ll explain what manifestation cards are, and then I’ll describe a few of mine.

This is an original idea (in that I didn’t get it from anybody else, not that nobody has done it before) in which I identify aspects of myself that I would like to grow, write them down on 3×5 notecards and post them up next to my bed, so they stare me in the face if I’m lying idly in bed. I see them before I go to sleep every night. Even though I ignore them, they go in my brain subliminally.

Here are some of the principles I use when I’m creating them:

  • They’re not supposed to be perfect. I don’t throw one away because it’s not written perfectly or because I taped it up a little slanted. Their content is the important thing, and keeping them around in light of their imperfections is symbolic of that.
  • They can be about anything: things I want to do, things I want to be, things I want to have. But I can’t have too many of them. Identify what’s important and put those up. Again, not necessarily most important, but just things to remind me where I’m going every night.

Last year was about improving my behavior, mostly. I had things like “Plan & Go: Think things through only as much as necessary”, because I would tend to get so caught up in planning how something was going to happen that it wouldn’t ever happen. “Finish”, “Spend Time with Friends”, “Spend Time with Nature”. And those have worked really well (except the last one, I really haven’t done that too much). I consider myself a much stronger person since I put these up last year.

Two of particular note last year: “Become well known in the Perl community”, perhaps the most specific one, worked the best of any of them. Arguably that was where I was headed anyway, but putting it up as a manifestation just helped accentuate that that was where I wanted to be.

Also “Financial Freedom: Have enough money not to worry about it”. This represents the principle I have about money, which will be reiterated in this year’s manifestations. It’s important in order to survive, but gathering as much money as possible is not the important thing in life. I like to have enough so that it doesn’t matter at all. If you get too little or too much, it starts to consume your life (as long as you haven’t put up a manifestation against it :-)

So, this year’s:

  • Compose More; Meet Other Composers.
  • Keep Learning.
  • Uphold my Responsibilities.
  • Kick School’s Ass.
  • Honor the Perl Community.
  • Keep my Friends.
  • Money is Plentiful but Remains Unimportant.

The first two are about continuing to do what I love to do. In light of all the new things I’m manifesting in myself, I must remember to keep my passions.

The third through fifth are about being strong in character. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and now it’s time to stay where I am in a noble way. Now would be a terrible time to squander that which I manifested last year out of laziness or selfishness. They’re kind of a reiteration of last year’s manifestations, making sure I don’t forget what I’ve learned.

The sixth is similar to that. It’s another reinforcement, as I’ve never been very good at losing friends, but it’s making sure that I don’t start to consider myself “high and mighty” or some such. My ego does tend to run away at times, and I let it, because I think it’s healthy, but I have to make sure that it doesn’t go so far as to hurt myself or others.

Finally, the last one I’ve already talked about. It basically says “the same thing as last year, but more money.” One has to continue one’s third love, Poker, somehow. :-)


1 thought on “Manifestation Cards

  1. :-)
    In my opinion (I will also post my manifestation card later),
    You should earn money more than enough to protect someone who are imposible to earn money
    and they really need to spend in urgent circumstances.
    My card at this year:

    Compose More; Meet Other Composers.
    Keep Healthy (I often catched cold, it caused me impossible to work sometimes)
    Try to learn more and more.
    Uphold my Responsibilities.
    Remind family’s members doing exercise.
    Approach perl-language.
    Keep my friends
    Money is not plentyful , therefore , try to invest for future earning BUT in good way and
    harmless to the others.
    At the first year of composing, I tended to overthrow Beethoven. of couse (impossible). Now
    I swicth strategy to overthrow Luke Palmer. :-o

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