I consider myself an optimist. Whatever happens, I look at it as if it were the right thing, and that the future is something to look forward to.

And yet, I believe November the second is a more tradgic date for the United States than September the eleventh or December the seventh. The things that Cheney will do to this country in the next four years will be greater in magnitude than anything in the 20th century and unmatched by anything in the 21st century. I don’t care about Bush—he’s an idiot.

But here’s my optimistic perspective. I haven’t had to try to take on this perspective: it is inherent in my nature.

As cheney runs the national deficit so high as to make the government powerless, Bush decieves the American people that the war in Iraq is good for the economy. But you can’t decieve people forever. When the economy crashes and the government becomes a corporation, the people will know. Americans will not be opressed—not conciously.

And I believe that this is the time, whenever it comes, that capitalism in its whole crashes to the ground. There are many theorists who believe that we’re overdue for a social change, and I can see the breakdown of capitalism all around me.

And whatever comes after that, that is what I look forward to. I don’t know what it is, and there’s a good chance it will not be pretty, but I look forward to seeing what it is. That is the role that I’m taking now. I’m choosing to stay in the country and to watch what happens.

On the plus side, no great composer has lived without hardship. If I’m ever to be a great composer, I’ve got to start suffering somehow. :-)

3 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. too bad your other entries were somewhat interesting.
    Bush has a greater grasp of the Islamic world than you, apparently( to prove this, tell me our offenses for the 15 or so attacks BEFORE 9/11).

    Cheney has no bearing on the budget, genius. It is, and always has been controlled by Congress.

    Capitalism has produced abundance in goods and services everywhere it is implemented along with the rule of law and prooperty rights. I find it hilarious self-serving snobs such as yourself denegrade it, when it is the most free way to live ever conceived. (Hint: money isnt money, it is actually votes for goods/services. you cannot become wealthy in capitalism without helping the ‘voters’).

    I won’t proceed here, since you are obviously more intent on following than thinking. If you ever get the courage, pick up a copy of Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. I guarantee you will change your thinking.


  2. Well, many theorists discussed the limitations of capitalism as well as socialism, not to mention it here. All everything Bush did is to serve the class interest. Luke said: “Bush decieves the American people that the war in Iraq is good for the economy”. In my own small opinion, as far as ethical issue is concerned, assuming the war in Iraq is really good for the economy, namely, he didn’t deceive the American, then he is still wrong.
    Rising upper class interest by seizing the other countries’ resources (due to, there is scared resource in the economy) is a characteristic of Imperialism. America wanted to control over resources and markets all over the world.
    From Marxist’s perpective, you can think that the America reached the highest stage of Capitalism, and that’s nasty.
    I am not a sociologist, but that was my thinking.

  3. See, that’s why this is a technical blog and not a political blog. Lots of people have opinions about politics, lots of people have facts, and I really don’t know anything about it. You’ll note that this was my only political post, and it was more of a braindump than a statement of any sort.

    I used to be a strict democrat (I was when I wrote this last year). Nowadays I’m doing my best not to vote when I don’t understand the issues, because I object to the reactive monoculture that I see in both political parties.

    But for now, I’ll stick to what I know.

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