Piano Concerto

I’ve been absent here for some time now, so I’ll fill you in on what I’m doing. In particular, what I’m doing musically. I have started a piano concerto!

At first, I didn’t want to share it with anybody, and present it when it was finished. This is justified for me, since it seems that if I get negative, unspecific feedback then I give up. But I’m deciding to be stronger than that.

I’ll share with you my journey of writing this piano concerto. Feel free to comment, suggest improvements (please only do this if you listen to classical music, though), etc. Of course “make it longer” isn’t a good suggestion, because I’m working on that :-).

The file I’m posting today is the exposition and the very first tip of the development. The exposition is about three minutes long. I intend the development to be about 7, and then a conclusion for one or two. The file will probably not sound very good unless you have a kick-ass sound module (and if that, not unless your sound module is balanced the same way as mine), so use your imagination. Listen to the notes, not the sound. I won’t put an mp3 up unless someone asks nicely.

So here it is: the first 3:45 of Luke Palmer’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in B minor.

UPDATE: By the way, I’m only talking about the first movement. I’m in the process of formulating the form and getting some rudimentary ideas for the last two movements.

UPDATE: And by request, here is the MP3.


7 thoughts on “Piano Concerto

  1. uhm,
    Really bad when I must type this essay 3 times, because I forgot to type “human” 2 times :-), this is the limitation of “packet” software, in-house developement is good, since even without the ratio button, no any un-human comment can reach my blog.
    Try to keep going, go wherever you want it to be, 8 minutes or 9 minutes are possible, but make sure it will be better than my only first concerto no.1. Those composers who pursue classical style writting often put and many notations in harmony together to formularise there music, say, a complex formular. This point I must learn from you, see my sonata no.6 soon.
    Babylonia server had been shutting down for many times, I am not sure where the reason is, but If it comes from my website, you could cancel my account as well. Otherwise, please retain my
    account, It’s important so much for me. Thank Luke
    Now, I am going to take head-phone to listen to 3.45 min Concerto. Anyway, ask me If you need me to interfere and build up this piece, remember that It can only label your name, composed by Luke Palmer If I do not have good building. I am thinking something to help you, but I do not know what I am going to help you, anyway, tell me to help you when you have trouble and I will help you, but you may not have trouble that the others can easily help, I think.
    Um, I type “human” first, otherwise, I must type this essay again.:-)

  2. :-), good harmony, and drastic, good structure, good piece. This piece outline your characteristics of composing! It is better than Virtuoso Chicken Dance or A34 or A36.

  3. I am wonder with the mp3, It sounds so great. May I know which soundcard did you use, or any electronic instrument for the record? It were a little bit different from your A20 from which are recorded by real piano.
    Could you please record some of my piece, any pieces to mp3 and upload, I wish to obtain and listen to my music with a new approach, something that I do not know before turning on!!!.:-)
    (You only record when you have freetime).
    Thank a lot from Trieu.

  4. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2, though all the extra features didn’t really buy me much over the Sound Blaster Live Value I had years ago. If you have a Live or better you should be able to match me.

    What really does it is the soundbank that I’ve constructed: Concerto.sf2. It’s pretty big, on the order of 80MB, so you’ll have to have a lot of ram and kick up your soundfont cache a bit to use it. It only has orchestral instruments defined; I didn’t waste my time filling up “electric piano”, “distortion guitar”, “goblins”, or any other sounds that I’d never use. Anyway, if you can use it, enjoy!

  5. Luke, Luke. I got the stuff, so great, I am glad now!!. hehe, thank you. :-)
    All everything I need do is to buy an external Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and make use of your soundfont, and may be Finale 2004 or 2005. I am annoyed with the conflict between Window XP and Encore software.
    I love the concerto, many points are good, for example, the piano was run up 2 times to hide tune in a impressionist’s chord, this skill is rarely reflected by any composer except Debussy’s esoteric skill.
    I must say that It has already been better than my concerto, mine is a romantic adagio movement. I admired you at the point that you have both “slow” and “high” speed together in your pieces which are typically for “romantic” and “drastic” interpretation. I just can choose one, or the another, can not have both. But It will be in the future, I hope. I won’t approach “symphony” until I got the skill. I do not worry too much because Brahms said that “Symphony” is no “joke”. Anyway, a concerto presents the harmony of instruments and it will be the bridge for you to compose symphony, as your comments, I alway do not have contribution of instruments to the song but rather each works in isolation. Um, tonight I must come out some new style of music. :-)

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