Don jomomma know nuffin bout bruvas

Ugh. I have a huge project due on Saturday for my linguistics class. The project entails filling out the information on the Wikipedia page African-American Vernacular English. It’s interesting, but I have about six pages worth of information there, and I need about eighteen pages worth of information there. Yeah, I’m screwed.

Moreover, I need 40 hours of field work. I have zero. I’m not even sure there’s that much time between now and Saturday morning. I’m not going to fudge and say that I have all 40 hours, but I imagine I can fudge my hour-or-so (which I’m doing today) into five to ten. Make up some people, you know, things like that.

I am wholly frustrated. The Wikipedia page has a lot of information now (thanks to me :-), and now I don’t know what else to put there.

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