Latest Progress

Four measures after the previous concerto update, I slammed against a major writer’s block. I had just written four brilliant measures, the brightest and most multitextured of the whole song, and then, well, I just stopped. I went a couple of weeks without any music translatable from my head to the page.

Fortunately, I got past it today. I only have about forty seconds more than the last update, but I thought I’d post since it has been so long.

And now I’m at a fork in the road. The first movement could very well be over right now. The listener is ready for something different; something slower, more melancholy. It might be time to start the second movement. Then again, I never got to do some of the things that I’ve been wanting to do in this movement, like develop the second theme, or come to a big climax. I think the listener would be just fine with going for another couple minutes in this movement—as long as it doesn’t take a break here. If I keep the notes and the ritardando the way they are now, I have to go to the second movement. So I need some way to keep the song moving, and still transition to the slower second theme.

Anyway, here are the files: MIDI | MP3.


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