I awoke at 9:00pm (my schedule has been wacko this week), pushed the alarm time button, and saw “1:50”. Why didn’t it go off? Why, because it was set to 1:50 AM! A lot of good that does. So I missed the Perl 6 meeting and my classes at 4 and 6.

But, some good did come out of it. I began a song at 10:00pm and finished at 4:30am. It’s the first movement of a string quartet. That will give me something to work on when I have writer’s block on my concerto (which I do right now). Here’s what I wrote: Andante.

UPDATE: And here is an MP3 for the MIDI-disabled. It’s not going to sound that realistic because my solo string samples aren’t very good; in particular, pretend the crescendos are actually getting louder (the samples have long attacks, which isn’t good for fast songs). Anyway, my string samples are probably better than yours, so err on the side of the MP3.

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