We have a movement

More than three months of work has yielded the first movement of my piano concerto. Woohoo! MIDI|MP3 (running time: 8:30)

The piece still needs to be edited. The score is not pretty (it uses incorrect accidentals here and there, and I think the brass section, the clarinet, and the piccolo are still feeling left out, and I might be asking the cello section to do intervals that they’re not capable of). I think I’m going to postpone editing until I’m done with the whole concerto, though, because I’ll probably be a better orchestrator by the time I’ve written another 20 minutes of orchestral music. Then I’m going to take it to the CU music school and see if any orchestrators want to edit it (again). And then I’m going to search for somebody to perform it, however I might go about that. But that search is a good nine months down the road, so I’m not worrying about it just yet.


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