We have a movement returns!

I spent the last couple of days musically editing the first movement (I know I said that I wouldn’t, but I did. So there.). It’s thirty seconds longer, and I fixed some parts that I didn’t like. It also has a much more subtle ending, which should prepare the listener for the second movement a little better. Tell me if you like it more than the first ending. MIDI|MP3

3 thoughts on “We have a movement returns!

  1. This is a composition analysis, written by Nguyen Thu Trieu to Luke Palmer for his great and
    proud work. And an icon I have designed for him.

    (analyze in minutes)
    00:46 -> 01:16 : This section is a run on the piano that presents he is both romanticist and drasticist.
    01:35 -> 01:39 : Impressionist’s tune.
    01:40 -> 01:45 : Awesome part: The similar techniques can only be found in Beethoven’s sonatas
    03:58 -> 04:15 : This is impressionist’s tune, he had used such techniques in an attractive way.
    (The silent before the storm)
    04:15 -> 04:27 : The strong winds came.
    04:28 -> 04:46 : Drasticism -> incorparation of both Liszt and Chopin’s esoteric skills to describe
    as the storm.
    05:34 -> 05:45 : Multi-texture, (light and flowing) -> The current composers (including me, even I
    proclaimed myself a multi-skill composer) are very difficult to write something
    similar to this one. This part leaves far behind such composer like me, Yanni
    or Paul De Senneville.
    08-10 -> 08:27 : Impressionist tune again. This can be found in Debussy piece (just similar technique,
    not similar melody)
    08:28 -> 08:80 : The expansion of the begining run. (His own skill, look at A:18 Sonata dedicated to Karlin
    which has similar flows)

    “So, if Beethoven’s sonatas can not satisfy your ear, Luke Palmer is one solution.”
    Nguyen Thu Trieu.
    Iteration had been made by the softly ending part from minutes 07:08 to 08:27 even the melody was
    expanded and changed. Anyway, iteration is still not bad. And at minute 04:17 to 04:23, I would suggest
    you to keep the original one, we should not run fast here because it results failure in emphasis on the coming

  2. I am plagiarising the concerto now, I have never made a success, though.
    Should the orchestra accompany the piano from 6:51 to 7:04 of the 1_r06_complete_edit_2 ?
    What’s up?
    Produce something more, Luke. (ie. the no. 2 or a symphony…)

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