Quantum Particle Demo

This blog is named after a popular saying about quantum mechanics, but there has been little or nothing quantum mechanical mentioned here. Well, my modern physics class at CU is finally getting into the (first-order) details of QM, so I might make the blog live up to its name soon enough. In particular, Namaste and I are working on a game that might have a very elegant quantum-mechanical premise. More on that later. I just wanted to show you guys this. The “1-D Quantum Mechanics Applet” impressed me. It’s something that I’ve been looking for for a while: a visual representation of time dependent distributions. Anyway, check it out.

1 thought on “Quantum Particle Demo

  1. Wait, wait.. I am wondered with the effects, they took me more than 1 hours to view, so many and I
    have not finished viewing yet. In my programming life, I only tried star-field, plasma and fire effects.
    Those applets there may be for more algorithms. I knew “snoqualmei” screen saver some years ago which
    was more emphasized on graphical aspects, did you know it? It only shows the flow of pixels as liquidity
    Anyway, enjoy more if you can see.

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