I’ve had a plan for a while to record all my improvisations (and maybe even what I practice) on the piano into MIDI while I’m doing them and put them on luqui-misc. That’s not really practical with my current MIDI keyboard (a four-octave Roland controller). But I think I’m going out today and buying myself a digital piano, because I’m sick of not being able to play in the middle of the night when I’m awake.

In my excitement, I recorded an improvisation on my little Roland controller and posted it where I’m going to post everything else: here. You can listen, but don’t expect anything stunning. The improvisations that I try (like this one) never turn out very well. It’s those spur-of-the-moment types that are the great ones. Which is why I’m recording everything, so I can share it all with you, and keep it for my records.

Oh, the title of this post begins with “Everything you ever wanted to know…”.


One thought on “EyewtkaLbwata

  1. Just superhuman can guess accurately what the string “aLbwata” stands for :-)
    You should not post this article, because it emphasized and reminded me I don’t have any weapon to play music
    currently. I often come to a music plaza to play such piano that being exhibited as model, I am very shy, but
    .. just like being addicted opium or morphine. Shyness was inevitable, playing is more.

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