It’s all… gone

There is a poster on my wall at work that states:

    A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other
    invention in human history, with the possible exception of
    handguns and tequila.

I just experienced the former part of that. And it was with everybody’s files on luqui-misc. I just… deleted them. I said ‘rm -rf svn’ (because I had created a temp svn directory called something else). It gave me a bunch of permission denied messages, so without thinking, I modified it to ‘sudo rm -rf svn’. It worked, and then I looked at the permission denied messages, which included the words “misc”. And then I realized what I did. Ow. Really ow.

But I’ve been bitten by things like this before. So, fortunately, I had misc checked out on, count ’em, 5 machines. So it’s all restored (with the provision that you have to Add yourself as a committer again.) Unfortunately, I didn’t make any dump backups (stupid Luke), so all the revision history is gone. Darn. I hope nobody was counting on that.

So I’ll be starting backups again. At some point, we forget that backups are useful. And then something like this happens.


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