At the World Affairs Conference 2001, I sat in on a talk by a writer who said a few words about writer’s block. She said, “just write every day; it doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be something. Freewrites are invaluable.” At that point, I did a few musical freewrites, and indeed it was good. The freewrites weren’t great, but then I had ideas and inspiration to work on my larger songs (I believe I was working on Opus 1 at that point).

Recently, I’ve been writing a little every day, but it’s only been a few measures because I throw it out once I don’t like it. I decided to break that today. I started with a motif that isn’t that neat or pretty, and just went with it. So here’s a bad idea, poorly developed, but finished, in hopes that I will get inspiriation to make progress on the third movement of my piano concerto. Freewrite no. 18.


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