New Keyboard

Woohoo! I just bought a Roland KR-5 for $2900 off of Ebay, and it came on Saturday. It is a very nice digital piano; I had my eye set on it for two reasons: the touch is heavier than on any other digital piano (most of the weighted ones were even too light), and the piano patch is superb. I figure that if I need better patches for the other instruments, I can use my computer with my Concerto 2.0 soundfont or Reason for synthy stuff.

One of the effects that my faithful blog readers will notice is that the //music/improv directory will fill up quickly. I did two improvisations today which are there now. I probably won’t update when I do new improvs (unless I think they’re really good), so you can just check.

I replaced my “complete music listing” link in my music page with a “music repository” link that just links to the viewcvs for misc. Unfortunately, this means that the newest stuff will no longer be conveniently listed at the top. I’m trying to figure out how to get it to use the repository dynamically but still have my custom scripts organize it.


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