(Palmer, Rebuschatis, & Computer)

My friend Max, an excellent guitarrist, came over tonight and we had a four hour jam session. And we recorded it. This is the second one we’ve ever done together, and the first one we’ve recorded.

Each of the following is just improvisation on a simple repetitive drum & bass motif. I have to say that #3 is by far my favorite. I liked Max’s guitar the best in #2; unfortunately my keyboard wasn’t that innovative or interesting in that one. I’ll also warn you: the first one is the only one that is a reasonable length, about 12 minutes. Max says he’ll edit these down into listenable chunks. But here are the full things for the masochistic.

I think I liked #3 the best because it was the most structured. We have some trouble communicating who’s in the spotlight when, so sometimes we both solo at once, and other times it’s completely devoid of anything interesting. For #3, we set up a simple 12 bar blues pattern, and agreed to trade off soloing. That way each of us had somewhere to go with our solos–they had to be done by a certain time–then we could quiet down and let the other musician play, while thinking about what’s next. We also seemed to complement each other nicely by the end of that one.

Also, I apologize for the recording quality. My room isn’t what you would call an ideal recording studio.


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