Solitaire really is a decent game

Whenever my mom would play klondike solitaire, I would ask her “why are you playing that game? It is completely mechanical. You move when you can, otherwise you draw another card. You win about 25% of the time.” However, I’ve had a lot to procrastinate recently, so I’ve taken up the game. And now I realize that my comments were incorrect, as exemplified by this board:

For moves: on the bottom, there are no red 9s, no black jacks, no red 7s, and no black kings. For foundation moves, there is no 6 of clubs, 3 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, or 4 of spades on the bottom. I’ve lost the game. Except—if I move the 5 of hearts on to the 6 of spades, then the game is freed up again and I can win.

I still wonder whether it is a mechanical pattern-matching game. At least I know that the patterns are more complex than I previously thought.

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