Probabilistic Versioning

All this solitaire I’ve been playing has got me thinking (another thing I didn’t expect). This also might have something to do with the game Max, Namaste and I are making, since we (especially I) want version control within the game, so you never have to worry about making the wrong choice. Anyway, in solitaire, sometimes I find myself at a dead-end with nothing I can do. So I click undo over and over until I can change my mind about a decision I made. But that’s not really fair, since those moves revealed some information that I wouldn’t have otherwise had if I had chosen the other decision in the first place. That is, the undos become part of the game, since they can tell you things that would otherwise have been hidden from you.

Undo is a nice feature, but this is not what you want it to do in a game. How do you fix it without removing the feature? Well, how about a quantumesque thing where the cards don’t decide what they are until they are forced to. Then when you undo, and some cards that were revealed become hidden again, those cards revert to a superposition of all unseen cards. So when you make a different decision, the cards come up different.

The most interesting prospect for this idea is poker. Think about poker where you can undo in this fashion. The thing that’s bugging me is that you could undo and redo the same move over and over until you see cards you want to see. So the cards have to somehow be entangled with your actions so that if you perform the same action, the same card comes. What’s really bugging me is that in a game like no limit, there are almost an infinite number of actions, so the cards have to be “continuously” entangled with your action, so that you can’t just barely modify your bet to see different cards.

Okay, maybe poker with undo is not such a good idea. It’s an idea worth exploring, though.


1 thought on “Probabilistic Versioning

  1. You can use the player’s last action + current state of the board as the seed for your PRNG generating the next event

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