Two psychedelic improvs

If there’s one thing flamethrowerflies needs, it is a better name. If there are two things it needs, then the second is some music. So I did a couple improvs with reason today, using psychedelic sounds. I’m not sure they’re good for the game, but especially the second will entertain a pot-head for a long time.


6 thoughts on “Two psychedelic improvs

  1. As far as the better name is concerned: Fluidscape, Galactic Flotsam, Oob-Joob
    Just a few suggestions.

  2. As a stoner, I have to tell you that the second one is too barren even to entertain a stoner. As for the name Oob-Joob, I would hope that you guys, more than anyone else, would refrain from stealing my intellectual property in such a rude manner.

  3. Oh, oob-joob belongs to you, Max? I thought it belonged to that bug up your ass. And intellectual property laws don’t apply to bugs as far as I know. Incidentally, the name of our company was blatant theft of your intellectual property, too. Hmm, if we say it’s an “homage” does that mean that it wasn’t theft after all? :-)

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