Images no. 2

Here is my third large improvisational piece. This is the longest one yet, measuring at about 50 minutes. I performed it in two acts, each without stopping. I meant to portray images starting from space down into the Earth’s core, some realistic, some fictional.

I am always trying to challenge myself with technical improvisational challenges; for example, today’s daily improvisation which is another step toward autonomy of my two hands. However, I would also like artistic challenges like this one. I know this blog doesn’t have that many readers; nonetheless I am opening it up to requests. Send me a message (my email address can be found on my about page) with the title of a song. If the title paints a picture that I like, I will attempt to paint the same picture with an improvisation.

Without further ado, here is Images no. 2:

Act One

  1. Outer Space to the Stratosphere
  2. Clouds of Ice
  3. Thunderhead
  4. Sunshine Amid the Rain

Act Two

  1. Friday Night in the City
  2. The Coal Plant
  3. Descending the Rock Ceiling
  4. Chant of the Underground Beasts
  5. Song of the Earth

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